Refuse is recycled on the following basis:

Cleaning of wood burner (if appropriate) can be found at the bottom of this section.

Since we only have refuse collections every 2 weeks for a specific bin you may find these full. Therefore we  operate a dual recycling process.

Primary - Council Collection

A particular bin is collected every week - please take the appropriate bin down the drive a place adjacent to the road for collection

Please check the schedule of collection during your stay by clicking the bin icon below and entering our post code 

SK23 0QP


Use this bin to recycle glass, plastic (bottles, pots, tubs and trays) food tins, drink cans, foil, aerosols, cartons, paper and cardboard

Use this bin to recycle food and garden plant waste

Use this bin for general rubbish - must secured in bin bag - includes all 'dog poo'

Secondary Method - Our Management Company

If all main bins are full our Management Company will dispose of excess at the local tip. However this requires a differnet recycle. You will find plastic boxes outside the back door please seperate into individual boxes as follows:

Use a seperate box for all glass

Use a seperate box for all tin cans

Use a seperate box for all plastic

Use bin bags for all additional general rubbish - please make sure these are securely sealed as we do have foxes

Please note that any additional rubbish that cannot be accomodated in the council bins / plastic boxes /  bags will have to be disposed of by yourselves. 

Additional rubbish to the above will be charged at £4 per equivalent bin bag (which is the surcharge our Management Company applies)

If you decide to use the lounge wood burner it is your responsability to clean this out before your departure

  • At the back door you will find 2 metal buckets. Please empty all ash from the burner (utilising the shovel located by the wood burner) into these bucket.

  • Please be mindful that the ash may still be hot - place the buckets on the stone hearth whilst cleaning out. 

  • Please place the filled buckets by the outside the back door wherupon they will be disposed of by our cleaners

Many thanks for your cooperation​

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