Things You Need To Do Before Departure

We have a short window to turn around The Old Barn for our follow on guests. Accordingly we ask for your help in order make the transition as smooth as possible. Hopefully the previous guests to yourselves followed these simple asks !!

  1. The house is vacated no later than 10:00 am on you day of departure

  2. Can you please strip all bedding that has been used and leave them by the bottom of the spiral staircase

  3. Can you please leave all used towels by the bottom of the spiral staircase

  4. Make sure all things that have been moved are put back

  5. All remaining trash is segregated and recycled as required - if you have used the lounge wood burner it is your responsability to clean before departure. Please refer to 'Things To Know' - 'Trash' for appropriate instructions

  6. If applicable - All pet poo has been binned

  7. If applicable - All cigarette ends have been binned

  8. Fridges have been emptied of all food

  9. Dirty pots have not been left

  10. If applicable the wood burner has cleaned out

  11. The house has been checked such that no possesions have been left (particularly chargers as I already have an extensive collection !!) 

  12. All doors and windows have been locked / closed

  13. After departure the door key has been left and secured in the outside lock box

 © 2020 published by Nick Hall