The Pool

The swimming pool is great for fun and relaxing and we want you to have a great time. However a swimming pool represent a significant risk to occupants if not used appropriately. Therefore please abide by the following rules to be safe.

  • Minors are not permitted in the pool unless acompanied at all times by an adult who has an appropriate level of swimming comptance

    • Please note the maximum depth of the pool is approximately 6 ft​

  • No Diving​

  • No Jumping

  • No Running

  • No glassware is permitted in the pool area (if required please use the plastic glasses provided)

  • Do not tamper with pool controls

  • Do not attempt to open the teloscopic pool cover

  • We try to maintain the pool at around 28 degrees C (this is the same as a public pool). However appreciating we live in a typically colder location this is not always possible and given the ambient tempreture you may also find it intially cold on first entry

    • Please note the temperature of the pool water is set remotely ​

  • The downstairs shower can be used following a swim but please wipe up any drippage in the hall following your exit from the pool

  • Please do not use the as provided house towels for swimming. Please remember to bring your own swimming towels 

  • The pool is cleaned and treated once per week 

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