Your Security Deposit

We understand that accidents can occur but we do need you take due care and attention whist staying in our house.

Any willful or carless damage incured we reserve the right to charge for rectification

Once you have departed our cleaning company will inspect the house to ensure that it has been left in fit and sensible state. Where items of concern are found photographs will be taken and forwarded to the managemnt company. Whereupon a appropriate deduction may be taken from your deposit. Any cost above and beyond your deposit will be seprately charged. 

If all is OK (which we hope it will be) the management company will return your deposit.

We understand that the odd glass or crockery may be broken - if so please do let us know such that we can efficiently replace. However as a guideline the following would be seen as unacceptable miss use

This is not a definitive list but you get te idea:

  • Evidence of smoking in the house requiring extra clean

  • Dog poo / cigarette ends left in the grounds and requiring extra work by our gardiners

  • Damage to furniture (leather settee / dining table etc)

  • Damage to fitments

  • Damage to items

  • Soiled carpets

  • Additional trash - please refer to the 'Trash Section'

  • Unacceptable cleanliness 

Thank you for your support

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