Safety Information

Here you will find important information provided in order to help make your stay safe and secure. Please do familurise yourself with the following

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool represent a significant risk to occupants if not used appropriately please abide by the following rules

  1. Minors are not permitted in the pool unless acompanied at all times by an adult who has an appropriate level of swimming comptance

    • Please note the maximum depth of the pool is approximately 6 ft​

  2. No Diving​

  3. No Jumping

  4. No Running

  5. No glassware is permitted in the pool area (if required please use the plastic glasses provided)

  6. Do not tamper with pool controls

Fire Safety and Risk Assessment

To protect yourselves, the house and the surrounding area the following activities are forbidden:

  1. Candles must not be used

  2. Garden Lanterns must not be used

  3. Fireworks must not be set off

  4. Bonfires must not be lit

  5. No smoking in doors (including the bar)

  6. Unattended use of fire pit

  7. Unattended use of wood burner

For extra safety fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen (including a fire blanket), main level of house and upper level of the house. Please familiarise yourselves as where these are located.


Please familiarise yourselves on the following to keep safe:

  1. There are many slabs and whilst we attempt to keep these clean, they can become green with algae and very slippery – please be mindful.

  2. Some of the adjoining fields are fenced with barbed wire – please be mindful.

  3. There are areas of the ground which are out of bounds – these have notices adjacent to them but include the back-gate area where the logs are stored (which must not be used) and also by the side of the decking where our tractor shed is located.

  4. The adjoining field at times will have Highland Cattle grazing – whilst they look attractive, they are not pet’s and can be unpredictable – these are not our animals nor our field so please do not be tempted to join them.

Water Supply

​The water supply to The Old Barn is via a communal natural spring water supply (not mains water). The water is tested annually in accordance with local council regulations. The water has been deemed as fit for human consumption. Associated documentation can be provided on request.

The water is automatically pumped from the communal reservoir to our water tank in the house loft. If in the unlikely event a leak occurs in the loft there is an emergency switch (located outside of the downstairs shower room) which will isolate the pump from running cutting of the water. This switch is clearly marked.

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