Pet Rules

Please meet Jake our faithful Labradoodle. He has a set of principles which he is sure his fellow friends can easily step up to:

  • He is always clean before coming into the house and would not dream of going on any carpets with muddy paws

    • There is a hose pipe by the front door

  • He never climbs or sleeps on furniture

    • Especially the NEW and lovely leather settee in the cinema room

  • Neither would he dream of sleeping on any bed

  • Jake stays within the boundary of the house and is not left to roam free

    • He knows this is sheep country and the farmers are not forgiving of a roaming dog

  • When he has done his business, he makes sure that his owner cleans it up and bins it

  • Jake knows that any damage he causes he has to pay for it

 © 2020 published by Nick Hall