The Lounge

Things you might want to know

The Wood Burner


  • Apply extreme caution when lighting as the chimney needs to be warm for it to draw properly. If it is not you will get smoke ingress to the room

  • Star the fire with a fire lighter and just a few kindlin sticks. Be patient before applying more kindlin

  • Once you are satisfied that the fire is drawing satisfactorily you can then add a layer of coal and or logs

  • If you decide to use the wood burner it is your responsibility to clear it out before your departure. Please refer to ‘Things To Know’ – ‘Trash’ for instructions on cleaning.

  • Whilst you might see a supply of logs by the rear gate (out of bounds area) these must not be used as they are not seasoned, will not burn properly and just cause excessive smoke.

The Gun Over The Fire Place

  • The antique shot gun over the fireplace does not operate and please do not remove from the wall

The Lounge TV

  • The TV in the lounge is operated by an Amazon Fire Stick

  • The TV needs to be switch on and input set to HDMI 1

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The Dinning Table

  • Please always leave the protective mat provided on the main dinning table

  • In addition can you please always use dinning place mats 

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