Your Kitchen

Whilst the appliances for your use in the kitchen are fairly intuitive to operate, please find below specific instructions for each main item

Main Oven

Built In Microwave

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Table Top Microwave

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Dishwasher Kitchen

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Dishwasher Utility Room

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Please be aware - during the summer time the AGA may be turned off as the heat becomes uncomfortable. If this is the case you MUST NOT try to light yourself.

It can be a dangerous operation and if wrongly approached can cause expensive damage.

When in operation the AGA is simply to use and very effective for cooking.

WARNING !! it remains very how all of the time so please be careful when using.

  • Always use the arm length protective gloves when placing items in the oven. 

  • Always use a cloth when raising the hot plate lids

  • Do not try to alter the teperature setting or tamper with the control box (located bottom right hand side of the AGA)

  • NEVER let minors near the AGA

  • NEVER leave any clothing on top of the AGA 

  • DO NOT tamper with controls particularly the lever to the bottom right hand side as this will turn the AGA off (it takes 24 hours to reheat)

  • DO NOT attempt to re-light - if it goes out contact Gary on the 'Important Contact Details' page 

Operation is simple !!

  • The top left plate is hot (cooking)

  • The top right plate is not as hot (warming)

  • The top over is hot (regular cooking)

  • The bottom oven is not as hot (slow cooker)

PS: the bottom oven is great if you want to prepare a Casserole in the morning and place in the oven - by the evening it will be perfect.

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Fridge Freezer

Important - please ensure the water tank in the main fridge does not fully empty. This provides the water for the external dispenser. If it becomes empty it may cause a air lock.

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