We do not want to overload you with an exhausting list of rules and restrictions whilst using The Old Barn. However, you will understand that given this is our home (and is very precious to us) we not only need to protect yourselves we also need to protect our investment. Also, we need to ensure that the property is left at full spec and fit for the follow-on renters.

Mostly what we ask is that you apply common sense – keep safe – and respect the house as you would want if it was yours.

Thank You

  1. Only registered guests are permitted to use the property. You must not use the property for functions exceeding the permitted ocupation of 10 persons. Furthermore please note our public liability is invalidated if the permitted usage is exceeded.

  2. This is strictly a NO SMOKING house (including the bar area). If you have smokers in your group please ensure that they smoke an appropriate distance from the house and that all cigarette ends are binned. An extra cleaning charge may be applied if smoke is detected in the house / if we have to spend extra time for clearing up cigarette ends from the grounds.

  3. Pets must abide to the pet rules. Furthermore an extra cleaning charge may be applied for the clearing up of any pet poo found in the grounds

  4. DO NOT disconnect any wires or devices regarding equipment installed. In particular the cinema equipment must not be tampered with (no exceptions). An extra charge will be applied if any corrective action has to be made

  5. Children must be supervised at all times – particularly when using the swimming pool.

  6. Please not move furniture – if for some reason you do please ensure that it is put back prior to departure

  7. On arrival if you find something broken / not working please do report it immediately using the contact detail provided in this site

  8. DO NOT use candles / fireworks / bonfires. Please familiarise yourselves with the fire risk assessment provided in this site

  9. House sewage is via a septic tank. Please note the resrictions of disposal.

  10. Please do not ask favours of our neighbours. If you have a questions / needs / concerns please use the contact details provided in this site

  11. Whilst this is a secluded area we do have neigbours. So please keep the noise down

  12. This is a rural setting – please take care of yourselves and minors and respect the farmers livestock and the country code of practice at all times

  13. If you use the wood burner please follow the advise provided in this site (Guided tour>Lounge). Before departure it is your responsibility to clean the wood burner out. An extra cleaning charge may be applied if the wood burner is not emptied.

  14. Please ensure that trash is separated according to the recycling requirements (detailed under the 'Trash' section)​

  15. Due to the quick turn around required for our next guests the house must be vacated no later than 10:00 am on your day of  departure (for more details please refer to section - Before Derparting -)

Further guidence and rules regarding other features of The Old Barn can be found on the appropriate section of this site.

Please also make yourselves aware of these.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding these house rules please do contact us

 © 2020 published by Nick Hall