The Grounds

We hope you enjoy the gardens and you experience some good weather!!

Whatever the curcumstances you should enjoy the splendid views.

Here are some things to note about the grounds that you should familiarise yourselves with

Particularly the Fire Pit

Taking Care

  • The gardens are landscaped with stone walls and slabs. Please be mindful of minors when climbing steps

  • The stone slabs can become slippery during winter times

  • The adjoining field has barbed wire on the fence – again be careful

  • In the adjoining field we sometimes have grassing Highland Cattle – these are not pet’s and whilst they look friendly like all livestock, they can be unpredictable – DO NOT ENTER THE FIELD (it is not our land)

  • There are certain areas which for your safety are OUT OF BOUNDS – these have signs to identify but in summary included up by the back gate and behind the decking

  • Please be aware that we have gardeners on a weekly basis to keep the grounds tidy and to clean the pool – it maybe they will be there when you are staying (dependent on weather etc) – if you have a minute please do make them a cup of tea!! They will be very appreciative!




  • Most of the outside lights are on dusk until dawn sensors so even if they are switched on they will not illuminate until it becomes dark – to save energy please do switch off when not in use

  • Summary of lights

  • At the front door you will find 2 switches – these operate the front and back outside main flood light​s

  • Outside the patio door and to the right as you exit you will see a bank of 4 lights. From left to right the first 3 switches operate some of the garden lights and the outside bar lights. The last switch on the right operates the pool light

  • The garden lights are on a dusk until dawn sensor whilst the bar outside lights are ON or OFF

  • If for some reason the pool water level is below the pool light DO NOT SWITCH ON as it will over heat (If you find the water level below the pool light please report immediately)



  • At the bottom of the steps leading to the decking area you will see 2 switches. 1 operates the decking lights the other switch is redundant so don’t be alarmed if nothing comes on


  • Behind the decking and to the side of the shed you see a futher 2 switches. 1 operates additional lighting around the decking area and the other operates the light in the shed.


  • On the side of the decking post you will find 2 switches. 1 operates the fountain lights and the other operates the fountain


  • As you enter the kitchen you will find a bank of light switches. The bottom right switch operates the drive lights. All others operate lights within the kitchen


And that’s it ……………..

Fire Pit

  • We allocate 1 bottle of gas per stay – however if the previous guests have left with some gas unused, we will leave this in place so you take advantage (otherwise our gardeners will leave a full bottle in place). If a partial bottle is left in place you will find your allocated bottle by the back.

  • If you require additional bottles you will be able to exchange (at cost) down in chapel. Chapel DIY / Halls Mica Hardware and Bywaters down in the village do exchanges.

  • To change a bottle is a simple process. Adjacent to the decking you will see a wooden box, this houses the gas bottle. To change:

    • Ensure that the bottles main valve is fully turned off

    • Remove the attached hose utilising the adjustable spanner provided (please ensure the spanner is left in the box at all times). Note the nut attaching the hose to the bottle is a left-hand thread – so turn anti clockwise to undo.

    • Replace the bottle and ensure the nut is firm but not over tighten

Operation of the Fire Pit





  • Operation should only be done so by a responsible adult

  • Ensure that the bottle valve is turned on

  • Remove the cover from the burner

  • Locate the dial at the front of the wood burner and push in slightly – hold for a couple of seconds to allow gas to flow – then whilst holding the dial in turn again to engage the ignition and to light the pilot – once the pilot is lit you can release pressure on the dial and turn further to engage the main burners

  • In honesty and like most BBQ’s etc the ignition is tepremental and sometimes does not spark. Therefore as alternative – within the firepit and to the front you will see a small upright metal box which contains the pilot – Whilst following the process above I usually just apply a lighted match to this area to light the pilot – instead of using the ignition – same follow on process is required to get the main burners going  ONCE THE PILOT LIGHT IS LIT

DO’s and DON’T’s of usage

  • Do not light in windy conditions

  • Beware the it takes time to heat up and you cannot always see the flame – so be careful

  • Under no circumstance should minors be allowed to operate or be near the lit fire pit without adequate supervision

  • The fire pit is not for cooking – WHATSOEVER !!

  • When you have finished using turn the fire pit main burner off – BUT ALSO turn of the bottle at its main valve as the pilot will still be lit – You will lose gas and set light to the cover

  • Let the fire pit cool down before replacing the lid and tarpaulin cover

  • Please ensure the Tarpaulin cover is in place and secured down (we just place some logs on it which we have left for your use ) when it is raining to stop ingress of water and dampening the coals – which is not good!!

Enjoy but BE SAFE

 © 2020 published by Nick Hall