The Cinema Room

We have provided a cinema experience for you with full sourround sound. For you to enjoy and for our follow on guests to enjoy PLEASE.

  • Do not remove any wires or connections to any part of the system.

  • Do not let minors operate.

  • Do not use or tamper with the mini computor that sits above the Cinema equipment as this is utilised as the controller for the swimming pool.

  • Do not tamper with the small control box to the side of the Cinema equipment (with the digital read out ) - as this also controls the swimming pool.

Occupants will incur a charge if it is found that the above have not been observed and an engineer is needed to correct - our management team will check the system on departure for proper use - if you however find the system not functioning when you first arrive please call us immediately 

In order to best explain how to operate we provide below a short video to explain - any problems please call the management company.

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