Bowden Bar

Things to note here:

  • If the doors are to be left open please secure with the coach hooks

  • The left hand room contains the main water pump - this is left unlocked such that if needs be it can be access to maintain. This room is out of bounds for guests 

  • If you use the glasses in the bar please clean and return to origional location prior to departure

  • The beer pump is only for display purposes 

  • There is a switch in the very right hand corner of the bar top - this operates the LED lighting for the mirrored back wall

  • When you turn the ceiling display LED lights on (switch to the right hand side of the main window) the disco ball light will also come on - If you want to turn the ball off there is a remote contol to do this. Please do not remove this remote controller

  • The black fridge freezer is left on for your use - please note that the water dispencer does not work

  • Please switch everything off when leaving - Particularly the fire


 © 2020 published by Nick Hall